MMC Health (electronic record keeping for the EPA Rule) is provided as as a legacy to the late Stephanie (Bischoff) Griffiths, who fought Metastatic Melanoma, bravely until May 5th 2014 when she went home to be with Jesus.

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This video is a shortened animated version of a longer version we produced for the Dealer Network. We hope doctors, dental staff and dealer representatives will enjoy the animation and lighter style. If you are a dealer representative, or would like to fully understand The EPA Amalgam Rule, Click this link ==> to view the full version.



To visit The EPA amalgam rule: 16 years in making, 3 years to comply -- so what now? ==>

To visit With another EPA amalgam rule deadline coming, here's what you need to know ==>

To visit the EPA Web Site: Dental Effluent Guideline ==>

To visit the Federal Register: 40 CFR Part 441 ==>

A history and overview of The Amalgam Rule by Alexander Bischoff: ==>

An analysis of The Amalgam Rule by Alex Bischoff: ADAA July/August 2019 ==>

Dealers: Sable Representative at (1-800 368-8106) for FREE Tri-Folds: inc. Access Codes.

We sincerely hope that the information provided will assist Doctor's to comply with this Federal Rule.